Baptist Church


Update from last fall

As an update to the progress of the Capital Improvements Committee, we continue to move forward with the committee’s consensus and the congregation’s blessing.

A preliminary plan, as approved by the congregation was submitted to a group of contractors for preliminary pricing as a benchmark against our budget.  We received the proposals and found out (2) important things.  One, the prices were nearly identical which means we are on the right track, and two, our original building plan, with the added work of improving the nursery and kitchen, pushed the price a bit higher than the committee felt comfortable with.  So the committee has ask the architect to prepare a more detailed set of drawings to solidify and hopefully lower the projected costs. 

Our goal is to have this work done in early spring, and at that time we will forward along our progress.  In the meantime, we ask that you keep this committee in prayer as they work to meet the needs of this church and God’s acceptance.

John MillsComment