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This world can be a puzzling and intimidating place. Even with Christ as our Shepherd, we’ll never be able to fix all that ails us and disturbs us. We can complain and throw our hands in the air, or we can continue to pray and invest ourselves, hand-in-hand, for the cause of Christ. 

All believers are empowered by Jesus Christ to make a difference in this world. I want to share with you my per-sonal approach for doing just that during the month of Au-gust. 

I will prepare to lead in worship and prayer and Bible study as God so directs, in an effort to keep us connected and engaged in the work of the Kingdom. 

I will provide pastoral care to and through our church family. 

I will remain engaged in outreach through Remington Baptist, the Church @ Remington, the Mustard Seed, the lo-cal school setting, the town of Remington, and the Shiloh Baptist Association. I will celebrate with my church family as we gather for Homecoming and Groundbreaking on Au-gust 28th. 

Determine the difference God is empowering YOU to make in this world for the cause of Christ in August! 


Pastor David

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