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Our Vacation Bible School outreach that partnered with The Journey Church blessed and enriched us in countless ways. Every individual who chose to participate through their pres-ence, prayers, efforts and words of encouragement could tell a story regarding how their lives were enriched. 

We have been gradually and intentionally expanding our re-lationships throughout the community. Our relationship with The Journey Church officially began two years ago as we worked together to help provide school supplies for stu-dents at M.M. Pierce Elementary School. That relationship grew as we handed out bottled water in rainy, fifty degree weather one Saturday in downtown Remington. We next joined together to touch around 400 children during Trunk or Treat last October. 

Those endeavors were wonderful ways to share our witness to Jesus Christ, but they did not provide much of an oppor-tunity for conversation and relationship-building. 

We moved beyond notebooks and pencils and bottled water and candy bars the week of June 20-24. My prayer is that we are continuing to plant seeds that will grow toward what-ever God intends. One thing is certain; building relation-ships with brothers and sisters in Christ...for the cause of Christ...always blesses and enriches! 


Pastor David

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