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The Sign Out Front Reads:

Vacation Bible School
June 20-24 6:30pm
With the Journey Church 

We are sponsoring a “float” in this year’s Fireman’s Parade on Friday. The “float” will consist of walkers dressed in hand-painted sandwich boards handing out invitations to VBS. 

Our Wednesday night Bible study has been focusing on the life of the early church immediately following Christ’s resurrection and ascension. 

We have noted that as God moved among the people in miraculous ways, most did not have a clue! 

On the day of Pentecost, most believed those who spoke out were drunk with new wine. That was not the case. 

When Peter and John healed a lame man outside the Temple gate, most thought it was by their own power that the man was able to walk. That was not the case. 

Before…during…and after God’s movement, we can be mistaken. 

Joining with The Journey Church, walking in a parade, and handing out invitations to VBS can be viewed in one of two ways. It’s either something we dreamed and schemed on our own, or it’s God’s plan for us as we witness to Jesus Christ. I think it’s the latter. What about you?

John MillsComment