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Update from the Shiloh Association

Here is the information shared thus far through our Transition Committee: 

We moved out of the Shiloh Minister Center on December 31. 

A new address has been established: 
Shiloh Baptist Association
P.O. Box 65
Boston, VA 22713 

We are reducing ongoing expenses. Resources will be available for project-based ministry and mission. 

Documents have been moved to Culpeper Baptist Church. 

The Transition Committee will meet with the Associational Council on January 9th to establish a 2016 budget to present to the Association. 

A called meeting is now scheduled for Tuesday, January 26th at 7pm at Culpeper Baptist Church for the purpose of hearing recommendations from the Transition Committee/Associational Council regarding budget, structure, leadership and communication. This information will be available to the churches before the January 26th meeting. 

We will want to designate a person from within our congregation who will serve as a liaison to insure information is received and shared!

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